Sister, Please Forgive My Almost Swearing…

Isn’t it interesting how we tend to be on our best behavior around ministers, pastors, nuns, and people we consider religious? It’s like they have a closer connection with the Almighty and might tell him if we do something wrong.

As the story goes, anyone can experienced a mouse problem, even the good Sisters at the church down the street. On this particular job, Chris throughly inspected all areas of the church, looking for mouse activity in  potential locations.

Entering the main office he wanted to check in the space above the ceiling tiles, to see if the mice may be nesting there. When he walked in he saw a nun busily working at her desk. She looked up and smiled pleasantly.

“Good morning, Sister. I’m conducting an inspection for the mice, and I just need to check the ceiling void.”

“You go right ahead.” she smiled. “It’s a big office and you won’t bother me.”

Unfolding the ladder, he climbed up and with both hands lifted the ceiling tile to move it aside. All of the sudden a mouse ran down his lifted arm, across his face, and down his other arm, jumping off and scurrying away.

Wow! Was he startled! He opened his mouth to cry out then realized where he was and who was in the room. Repressing his first impulse to swear he loudly shouted,




4i9Xq55iEWitnessing the whole thing, the sister peered over her glasses, smiled, and said, “You know it’s alright if you swear.” Then calmly she went back to work.

It’s such a pleasure to work with understanding clients.

For information on Rodent Pest Control, please contact Colorado Pest Management at 303-706-9616. Thank you!

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