The Haunted Basement

Do you love those TV shows about haunted places? Then I have a good story for you.

One of the design firms in Denver is located in an old, renovated building that was built in 1870 in downtown Denver. The owner called Tom and asked him to come out to take care of a mouse problem. So he made the appointment and arrived as planned

The owner mentioned that he had been hearing some strange noises coming from the basement. Then he opened this trap door in the floor, revealing some very narrow, steep steps downward on what was not much more than a ladder. Damp odors rose out of the darkness as Tom started to descend. He confessed later that he was more than a little creeped out.

He found the pull chain to turn on the overhead light, which was just a bare bulb that hardly illuminated the space. Slowly he made his way into the next room, pulling the light switch chain to turn on the next light. As he moved around he began inspecting for signs of mouse activity. He could see a connecting room, which was also dark.

Suddenly, with a loud bang, everything went pitch black. With heart pounding, Tom froze for a few seconds. As with all good pest control operators, he had a high beam flashlight, which he used to find his way back up the ladder. With trembling hands, he forced the trap door open and emerged once again into the daylight and a room full of laughing faces. One guy said, “Well, you were not as afraid as the plumber was last week.” He had turned off the basement lights as a joke just to make his coworkers laugh.

Ha Ha! Some joke. So you may ask, “Did he finish the job?” Yes. Of course! He treated the space for mice, in spite of the stupid prank. His good customer service also led to a long-term relationship as he continued to help them with their pest control concerns.

Just Another Fabulous Family Owned Business

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Colorado Pest Management
  1. We are dedicated to serving you, our customer
  2. Our service is convenient, effective, and easy on your pocket book. Early and weekend service available
  3. Family owned and operated locally since 1989! We are the alternative to a national chain. We proudly support our local economy and community.
  4. Owners have over 50 years combined experience in pest control services
  5. Fully licensed and insured
  6. Courteous, friendly technicians
  7. Integrated Pest Management approach – minimized pesticides applied on your property
  8. On-going training and support for technicians
  9. Member Colorado and National Pest Management Association, Associated Pest Services, Better Business Bureau, Apartment Association of Metro Denver
  10. Accept Visa and Mastercard

Adventures in Pest Control

ratWhen my husband and I attend parties and people discover he has been an exterminator for 37 years in the Denver area, they are first fascinated by the topic, and then enthralled by his stories. No one can tell a story like Tom.

Like the time he cornered a very large rat in an ancient basement under some old buildings in LoDo. The rat drew itself up to full height, flashed its substantial teeth, and belted out a deafening high-pitched screech. Yes, Tom high-tailed it out of there.

Some places become so infested with cockroaches that when he starts the treatment, the cockroaches literally shower down from the ceiling. Tom says it sounds like rain.

Or the time he was doing a pigeon job in Larimer Square, when some construction was going on. The pigeons were picking up nails in their beaks, landing on the tall buildings, and then dropping nails on the pedestrians below.

Once he was spraying a house for spiders and had to crawl under the house. When he came out of the crawl space, he was covered in Black Widow Spiders.

Several times he has observed residents with pet rats. They love these little pets so much that they let them wander freely. When that happens in an apartment building, the neighbors better watch out!

What entertaining stories he has. We love to listen but get the creeps at the same time.

Stay tuned for more adventures in pest control.

They always said Tom should write about his adventures in pest control

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