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Pigeon Poop and the Golden Dome

IMG_2006_edited-1 copyDid you know the dome of the Colorado Capitol Building is gold? Well actually it is gold plate. According to Wikipedia, the structure was constructed in the 1890’s from Colorado white granite and its distinctive gold dome consists of real gold plate. You can imagine the corrosive nature of pigeon droppings on such a fine, precious metal. Pigeon poop is unsightly, can smell bad in large amounts, and can attract insects.

This is a story about pigeon birth control, a sweet little old lady, and doing what it takes to get the job done.

Many years ago, the State of Colorado hired Tom to eliminate the pigeons at the Colorado Capitol Building. This was long before 9/11 and security measures were not quite what they are now. At that time, visitors could hike up and up the spiral stairs into the dome, stepping outside to enjoy a vast, spectacular view of the surrounding buildings, and beyond to the distant Rocky Mountains. It is a stunning panorama.

A good pest control operator must determine pigeon nesting areas before effectively treating a pigeon problem. That was exactly what Tom was doing for several days in a row as he endured the steep, winding assent to the top of the dome. With binoculars in hand he always took a moment to admire the breathtaking view from the top before he patiently began observing the roosting pigeons and watched their flight patterns. This job proved to be pretty tricky, and he found he was having some difficulty locating the nests.

One day, the security guard approached Tom, with a stern inquiry, “Hey buddy! What the heck are you doing with the binoculars?”  The guy was suspicious of Tom’s behavior and definitely imposing his authority, poised for action. Quickly Tom produced his Company ID and explained that he was a State contractor, simply trying to help take care of the pigeon problem. After further explanations, the guard relaxed and wanted to know more about this interesting process. Putting two and two together, the guard had a brilliant idea. He told Tom about a woman who sat everyday on a bench in the park area down below, gently and lovingly feeding her dear pigeons.

IMG_1966_edited-1 copyWhat a brilliant solution! Since he could not locate the nests, Tom decided to lace some corn with a birth control type substance designed for birds and join the sweet lady in her daily pigeon feeding session. So the next day, Tom found the woman, joined her on the park bench, and began throwing out his “special” corn. The lady was so impressed with this sweet young man who cared so much about her pigeon friends. She turned to him smiling and said, “You are such a kind young man to help me feed the birds.”

Once again, Tom got the job done, made a couple of new friends, and solved this major problems for our beloved State of Colorado.

For information on Pigeon Pest Control, please contact Colorado Pest Management at 303-706-9616. Thank you!


The Haunted Basement

Do you love those TV shows about haunted places? Then I have a good story for you.

One of the design firms in Denver is located in an old, renovated building that was built in 1870 in downtown Denver. The owner called Tom and asked him to come out to take care of a mouse problem. So he made the appointment and arrived as planned

The owner mentioned that he had been hearing some strange noises coming from the basement. Then he opened this trap door in the floor, revealing some very narrow, steep steps downward on what was not much more than a ladder. Damp odors rose out of the darkness as Tom started to descend. He confessed later that he was more than a little creeped out.

He found the pull chain to turn on the overhead light, which was just a bare bulb that hardly illuminated the space. Slowly he made his way into the next room, pulling the light switch chain to turn on the next light. As he moved around he began inspecting for signs of mouse activity. He could see a connecting room, which was also dark.

Suddenly, with a loud bang, everything went pitch black. With heart pounding, Tom froze for a few seconds. As with all good pest control operators, he had a high beam flashlight, which he used to find his way back up the ladder. With trembling hands, he forced the trap door open and emerged once again into the daylight and a room full of laughing faces. One guy said, “Well, you were not as afraid as the plumber was last week.” He had turned off the basement lights as a joke just to make his coworkers laugh.

Ha Ha! Some joke. So you may ask, “Did he finish the job?” Yes. Of course! He treated the space for mice, in spite of the stupid prank. His good customer service also led to a long-term relationship as he continued to help them with their pest control concerns.